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Unique dining awaits in San Jose

Humo pays tribute to South American tradition, rekindling the romance between fire and ancestral smoked flavors. Our restaurant in San Jose del Cabo fuses together the century-old culture of grilling cuisine with the myths and secrets of the Andes and the unmatched tastes and aromas of Patagonia, all in an eclectic menu studded with the region's highlights.

These delectable feasts of our Baja California Sur dining are accompanied by a high-end wine list made up of more than 400 labels from around the world. Our wines are most focused on the regions of Mexico, the U.S., France and Italy, complemented by a selection of distilled Mexican spirits, a variety of over 100 different agave distillates, and a sustainable cocktail program inspired by Mexican culture.


Experience dinner infused with the heritage of South American grilling at our restaurant in San Jose del Cabo. Humo lives and breathes wide varieties of grilling expressions rooted in age-old tradition and deep cultural heritage, such as:

The Gaucho Grill

A harmonious blend of Latin flair and precise craftsmanship, created by the skilled horsemen that inhabited the grasslands of Uruguay, Chile, Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina. The cradle of Asado-style cooking.

The Andes

The millenary culture of this mountain ridge is home to the world's most precious grilling ingredients and techniques. An endless source of South American flavor, aroma and secret recipes.


The legends behind the perfect smoking of ingredients originated in Africa and that legacy is proudly carried on today in the northern regions of Brazil.


Nothing quite compares to a South American restaurant that emanates the fragrance and taste of the grills on the southern end of the Earth.

South American Street Fare

From arepas and tlayudas to anticuchos and choripanes, dinner is served best on the streets of South America and, luckily, in the sophisticated iterations of our talented chefs at Humo.